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Women of African Origin in Music Ministry (WAOMM) is a global non-profit making organisation, which has been established mainly to be of service to women of African origin in music ministry. WAOMM’s main objective is to act as a bridge; a springboard; a voice; and a support system in and through which women of African origin in music ministry can be supported, encouraged, empowered and equipped to discover, develop, demonstrate and deliver excellence in their ministries to the glory of God. WAOMM was founded in March 2014 and Pastor Isabella is the founding president. WAOMM is rapidly gaining ground across the nations of the world. WAOMM has national coordinators who are also successful Gospel recording artists in seven countries (Nigeria, Canada, Ireland, Scotland, Italy and America with headquarters in England). Some of the recent initiatives undertaken by WAOMM include sponsoring young artists to attend music training, financial support for upcoming music ministers and mentoring sessions for young artists. All these initiatives are helping many aspiring and upcoming music ministers to improve on their knowledge, experience, confidence and skills. WAOMM is active on all social media sites as @WAOMMTV. WAOMM Team can be contacted via

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This is a vision that God gave Isabella and her husband to prayerfully finance the very first studio production of a track (single) for a new or upcoming Gospel artist as led by the Holy Spirit. Since the start of the vision, they have supported more than a dozen new Gospel artists. DJS has helped a number of upcoming artists to jumpstart their music ministry. Enquiries should be sent to

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In 2014 The Worshipper Seminar was established to support growing ministries, especially worship teams, choirs, musical groups, churches and community groups, in worship training at no cost. As and when required, Isabella teams up with other professionals to deliver 3-day worship seminars to growing ministries. The Worshipper Seminar focuses on the spiritual aspect of worship, answering key questions such as: 1. What is Praise? 2. What is Worship? 3. What is the Difference between Praise & Worship? 4. Gifts of The Holy Spirit 5. Fruit of the Holy Spirit 6. The Whats, Whys, Whens, Hows and Where's of Worship For enquiries, please email